Kango BETA, app for busy parents : carpools, childcare and playdates

Kango app has a new look, new features for Spring!


Spring is in the air and your family has places to go!

We’ve refreshed the Kango look-and-feel and added new features that will make booking safe rides and care for your kids a breeze, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you’re elsewhere, you’ll still see our new look – and some of the new features will come in handy for organizing carpools and playdates too! Download the new Kango iPhone app today, right here! *

In the San Francisco Bay Area :

New for Parents :

  • Use the new tappable calendar when booking drivers and sitters – tap to select as many dates as you need in a single request
  • Add more info about your kids in their profiles – including whether you’d like us to provide a booster or forward-facing car seat for the ride. You can use the “Special Instructions” field to add a secret passcode for the driver to say to your child at pickup, if desired.
  • Passengers now receive a text message from the driver when she has arrived at the pickup location (if their mobile number was entered in their profile). This message contains a link to driver and vehicle information and photos
  • Browse local driver and sitter profiles right from the redesigned Home screen
  • Scan the status of each of your requests at a glance in the enhanced Schedule screen
  • More coming soon!

New for Kango Drivers :

  • Find new jobs easily in the enhanced Feed screen – potential earnings for each job are highlighted in pink
  • Get all the info your need about a job in the newly redesigned driver and sitter request details screens
  • Visit each child’s enhanced profile screen to see larger photos, booster or car seat requirements, mobile number (if entered) and special instructions (including a secret passcode if entered). Easily get the info you need in a single place!
  • For rides: Tap the new “I’ve arrived” button when you arrive at the requested pickup location for the ride. A text message will automatically be sent to the mobile numbers of all passengers listed on the ride, telling them you are there to pick them up. The text includes a link to view ride info including your name, profile photo and vehicle photo.
  • More coming soon!

Have questions? Contact Kango support by emailing us at support@kangoapp.co or call us at (415) 494-9957

Happy Hopping!

The Kango Team

*the Android app will be updated soon

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