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SF Parents: Request Trusted Childcare & Rides for Kids


As you know, KangaDo is a mobile service helps busy parents find trustworthy help with their kids. We’re focused on childcare and transportation, and have been featured in Techcrunch and Business Insider. Thousands of parents across the US already use KangaDo to help each other out with carpools or childcare.

Now, we are excited to announce our new beta service – childcare and rides from pre-screened Sitters & Drivers you can trust! Only in San Francisco and for selected parents on KangaDo.

KangaDo Sitters are perfect for afterschool care, date nights, or when you just need a break! Let our Drivers help with morning school drop off, afterschool pickup, and rides between activities.

How It Works

Make a Request 
Make a Childcare or Ride request in KangaDo app with just a few taps – even when you’re on the go! Sit back, and get notified when one of our trusted Sitters or Drivers accepts your request. Relax knowing your child will be well taken care of.

View Sitter & Driver Profiles 
Learn about each Sitter and Driver, their qualifications and babysitting styles. See which of your friends have booked her.

Schedule an Interview
Your first Sitter Interview or Driver Trial Run is free! Get to know your Sitter or Driver in person and make sure she’s a great fit for your family.

Have Peace of Mind
Our tools give you peace of mind. Get easy access to updates at any time with chat messaging, photo sharing, real time location tracking, and timely notifications. No need to worry about carrying cash – pay your sitter in the app.

Who are our Sitters & Drivers? 

Our Sitters & Drivers are not your average babysitters. We’ve picked the best: warm and friendly babysitters, nannies, and parents with years of experience.

They passed our KangaDo Check with flying colors: extensive in-person interviews and trainings, reference and background checks. Background checks are comprehensive, from criminal searches from multiple counties and databases, to DMV checks for drivers.

Limited-time Special Pricing


  • Regular Rides – $10 flat fee per ride (for up to 2 children); $5 per additional child
  • Free trial run with driver


  • Regular Childcare – $15-18/hour based on Sitter’s rate
  • Childcare that involves transportation – $5 extra flat fee
  • Free interview with sitter

Join Our Beta Service

To join our beta, simply download KangaDo app on iPhone or Android. 
On the Homescreen, tap to request a Sitter or Driver. You’ll be prompted to access the beta service and enter your credit card before requesting Childcare or Rides.

Parents already in our beta group: Click here to update KangaDo app for the latest version of the app and to access our newest features. (Click this link on your iPhone or Android phone)

Have a question?
Visit our FAQ Page, or email us at support@kangadoapp.com. We’d love to help!



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