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5 Tips to Survive Spring Break


As parents, we all too often look up and realize that another month has gone by. Or another season! Whether your Spring Break is over, in progress or coming up, here are 5 tips to keep the kids busy this time of year:

1. Plan Playdates
Before the break, find out which of your child’s friends will be in town. Set up a fun playdate in advance, especially outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather. Everyone will look forward to it!

2. Discover a New Park 
Tired of always visiting the same playground? Venture out of your neighborhood and have a picnic somewhere new. Explore a new walking or bike trail. You’ll find a new family favorite!

3. Play Sports
Kids who are already signed up for Little League or other sports may have physical activity on their spring schedule. But it’s still fun to be active as a family!

4. Take a Weekday Day Trip
Ask the kids whether there’s somewhere within range that they’ve always wanted to go. It could be a destination such as a museum or restaurant in the next town – or even an amusement park that’s tough to navigate in weekend traffic.

5. Get a Sitter
Especially when you will be spending extended periods of time on “kid duty,” plan a break for yourself!  Even if you don’t think it will be necessary at the time, you’ll be glad you did.

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